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Diabetic foot Care Center
The Department is also running a well equipped tertiary referral center for diabetic foot care.

Our multidisciplinary foot team provides state-of-the-art routine integrated examination and management of the feet of diabetic patients.

Our foot care department is actively involved in the treatment of all diabetic foot problems. Patients with vascular complications of diabetes & other generic foot problems are referred to our center.

The goal of the diabetic foot centre is not only to provide optimal diagnosis and treatment but also to provide education to the patient in practical aspects of foot care for primary and secondary prevention of foot related problems and diabetic foot ulcers.

The early recognition of feet at risk and foot complications is emphasized and special advice is given about selection of footwear that helps prevent foot complications.

We are actively involved in conducting research into newer modalities of investigation and management of Diabetic Foot to improve the overall services at our centre.
The division has many sub-divisions but the ones that are dedicated to remarkable diabetic foot care include the following:
Vascular Imaging Centre:
    VASCULAR HEALTH RISK ASSESSMENT with investigations like:
  • SPY Cutaneous Angiography.
  • Transcutaneous Pulseoximetery
  • Pressure occlusive reactive hyperemia
  • Duplex scan for arteries
Vascular & Endovascular Surgical Centre
  • Limb Ischemia Clinic
  • Angioplasty and stent placement
  • Open & Hybrid Aneurysm Repair Service
  • Endovascular Aneurysm Repair
Diabetic foot care centre:
  • Major/Minor diabetic foor ulcer dressing
  • Chiropody & descaling (excision of corns/calluses)
  • Ultrasonic assisted wound debridement system
  • Surgical procedures ( minor debridements (toe, MPJ)/Major debridements (forefoot)
  • Nail Avulsion
  • Extensor/Flexor tenotomy
  • Metatarsal head resection/osteotomy
Orthotic Lab:  
  • Total Contact Casts & pressure offloading
  • Foot pressure analysis system (Mat scan)
  • Bipedal in-shoe pressure analysis system (F-scan)
  • Fit 2 Foot insole fabricator system
Days & Timings
Daily in the Diabetic Foot Care Centre
By prior appointment on +91 0124 4141414,ext.- 6527
Division of Peripheral Vascular & Endovascular Sciences
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Sector – 38
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