Vascular Screenings
Surgery for Stroke Prevention
Stroke or Brain attack usually occurs due to blockage of arteries in the neck, which carry blood to the brain (carotid artery). This blockage can be cleared by an operation called Carotid Endarterectomy. Recently ballooning and stenting with brain protection device has been introduced to manage this condition
Surgery for Aortic Aneurysms
An aortoic aneurysm is ballooning of the main artery of the body, usually in the abdomen. It is major risk to life if it leaks or ruptures. An open surgery with a tube graft is performed a prevent this complication the newer techenique of minimal invasive stent graft replacement has revolution this treatment
Surgery for Blood Vessel Injury
Accidents or fractures can lead to injury of the blood vessels. They need emergency management to prevent blood loss or limb loss. These surgeries are done routinely in this hospital to prevent amputation. Sometimes bleeding vessels are blocked angiographically (embolectomy)
Surgery for Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are prominent and tortous veins in legs, which can cause pain, ulcer and swelling. They are managed by injection sclerotherapy or operation depending on the level. Recently surgery is being replaced by laser therapy which is a day care procedure without any incisions.
Management of Swollen Legs/DVT
Swollen legs due to deep vein thrombosis are a fairly common presentation. These are effectively treated by anticoagulation and compression stockings. A rare but serious complication of DVT is dislodgment of the clots from the legs to the lungs implantation of an IVC filter can help save further clot migration to the lungs.
Angiography,Ballooning (Angioplasty) and Stenting
Angiography is a special dye test of the blood vessels. It is done under local anesthesia, on a moving X-ray machine in our hybrid vascular Cath Lab. Angiography of the legs, arm or neck vessels is done. regularly stent placement, IVC filterplacement, enlsolisation procedure are routinely done here.
Doppler Scan
The blood vessels can also be studied by a non invasive method- Doppler. It is similar to an ultrasonography (USG)an examination. This investigation also helps to detect peripheral vascular (PVD) or arterial blockage, DVT, etc. Recently Doppler scan has started being used in the emergency detection of blood vessel blockages and also mapping of vein for AVF for dialysis.


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